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Bringing innovation to the public sector to create better outcomes for our community
Who we are
Independent advice backed by experience and innovation

Creating positive change for strong, smart and sustainable communities

Doing things differently: promoting a new way of working

GovPartners is an Australian owned management consultancy providing candid advice, transformational change and empowering your people to deliver better public services primarily across the planning, building, infrastructure and environment sectors.


We have a deep understanding of the inner workings of Government and a large network which has enabled us to become a trusted advisor and partner to the public sector in a short time.


We also enhance the capabilities of start-ups and small business to transact with Government where they have an idea or solution to an identified problem and values that match our own.


Our team are realists and they will work with you to maximise opportunities, working to understand the intent, the complex problem, divergent stakeholders and will apply a mix of strategic, analytical and creative thinking to deliver robust outcomes that deliver value.


Our core values of respect, collaboration and agility are at the heart of how we function.


We place purpose before profit, we act with integrity and we donate time pro bono to services we care about.


Clare Huxley


James Cole

Senior Consultant

Patrick Griffin

Senior Consultant

Shane Murrihy

Assessment Lead


What services do we offer?


Independent Service Reviews

  • Business process optimisation

  • Independent advice

  • Policy review

  • Organisational design

  • IT system review

Project Management

  • Process design and guidance

  • Risk management

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Tender design

  • Contract management

  • Governance, assurance and sponsorship

  • Evaluation and monitoring

Change Management, Facilitation and Training

  • Local Government ERP systems

  • Online planning services

  • Customer service and engagement

Innovative Planning and Infrastructure Services

  • Statutory planning

  • Strategic planning and policy analysis

  • Legal review

  • ePlanning and online systems (PlanTech)

  • Product development and validation



  • Facilitation

  • Advocacy

  • Communication strategy

  • Co-design, collaborate

Provide Direction, Communication and Storytelling

  • Amplifying the voice of not-for-profits

  • Communication and storytelling

  • Adding value and expertise

  • Providing capability to transact with Government

Strategy and


  • Using data

  • Generating ideas

  • Alignment and synthesis of information

What makes us different?

GovPartners is a new kind of business that has been established to balance purpose and profit. Our decisions are designed to make a positive impact across our customers, suppliers, community, the environment and our team.


1% Pledge - GovPartners
Greater Sydney Women's Safety Charter - GovPartners
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