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NSW Department of Planning

Sydney/Warrane, NSW
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Image Credit - Top: City of Parramatta

Religion can play an important role in quality of life, giving many people in our communities social and cultural connection and support. The introduction of the Employment Zones into the Standard Instrument made it easier to permit places of public worship, with 4 additional zones permitting places of public worship with consent from a consent authority. This situation had the potential to significantly raise expectations of what is allowed in employment zones.

GovPartners reviewed the new policy and legislation and highlighted what is a place of public worship, how employment zones affect places of public worship including a table to illustrate where places of public worship are allowed with consent, how former industrial zones worked with places of public worship, how Councils could apply the new E4 zone, and the consent requirements. To further improve understanding and fit-for-purpose planning, a particular focus was placed on the value of places of public worship in local centres and the importance of local considerations and characteristics.

A clear and concise guidance document was produced that details when a development application is required for a place of public worship and a reminder to applicants and consent authorities to work together to plan places of public worship that minimise conflicts in land use and to select locations that are also accessible and safe.

Policy Advice

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"GovPartners assisted my team with preparation of a guidance document to outline planning legislation changes to support the understanding of industry and community groups. The team turned around the work in a very short period of time, were available on short notice and readily adapted to the changing needs of the project. The final product met our needs and was excellent value for money."

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