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MakerSpace & Co

Sydney/Warrane, NSW
Advocacy and Communication

Image Credits - Both: MakerSpace & Co

MakerSpace & Co. is an independent, not-for-profit organisation in Marrickville, Sydney, that operates public access makerspace facilities, a comprehensive education program, and studio facilities for makers of all types.

The challenges experienced by MakerSpace & Co. relate to restrictive (and often historic) planning controls, access to funding and limited opportunities for Government support.

GovPartners interviewed past and present tenants, students and current staff to understand the challenges and value delivered by the makerspace facility. Participants were also asked what role Government should play in the creative sector and to highlight the key messages and calls to action. This information as well as existing MakerSpace & Co. documentation was reviewed and analysed to produce a prospectus to share the MakerSpace & Co. story.

An organisational prospectus that highlights and promotes the value of the facility can now be shared to Government and Corporate partners to encourage a more flexible planning policy setting, access to funding and investment, and opportunities to support the creative community from a productivity, social and well-being perspective.

Advocacy & Communication

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"GovPartners assisted MakerSpace & Company to create an organisational prospectus that told our story in a positive way, captured our unique value proposition and helped us to communicate these traits with potential government and corporate partners. The team also went above and beyond to obtain external supporting statements from high level government officials to provide validation and assurance for potential partners. In short - they smashed it!"

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